Code of Ethics – Only Bail Bonds and Insurance


The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to bring together in a single text, a set of standards of an eminently ethical nature, which must be observed by the Employees of ONLY, AGENT OF INSURANCE AND OF FIANZAS, SA DE CV, hereinafter ONLY, in the fulfillment of their responsibilities and daily tasks for the execution of their work activities, as well as in the relations with our clients and suppliers.




Article 1: The essential duties of the Employees of ONLY are:

  • The integrity.
  • The excellence.
  • The mutual commitment.
  • Team work.
  • The honesty.
  • Transparency.
  • Respect.

Article 2: Your conduct at all times will be adjusted to the rules of honor, dignity, honesty and openness. They should not advise or execute malicious acts, make false statements, inaccurate, incomplete or malicious quotes, or perform any act or omission that could hinder an effective work or that goes against the good name and reputation of ONLY.

Article 3: The Employees of ONLY in their daily dealings with the clients, will be characterized by a tone of height, consideration and dignity.

Article 4: Employees of ONLY shall keep the greatest reserve regarding the established matters and policies, and must refrain from communicating to third parties what will come to their knowledge due to their work in ONLY, specifically regarding the relations with the clients, and to take or

publish a copy of documents related to their work, except in cases where this is appropriate in accordance with the laws.

Article 5: Among the employees of ONLY there will be a spirit of fraternity, mutual respect and consideration, refraining from making malicious or insulting expressions and allude personal, ideological, political or other background with respect to their co-workers. They should be courteous to them and try as much as possible to help them in solving their problems.

Article 6: The employees of ONLY shall act with the utmost diligence, care and caution in everything related to the acquisition, administration, custody, conservation and maintenance of any goods, equipment, materials or supplies of the property of ONLY or for which This is directly or indirectly responsible.

Article 7: Before proceeding to the acquisition of goods or services, or to make any expenditure, Employees ONLY authorized to do so will ensure the need for them and that the prices are honest, fair and reasonable, should avoid any wasteful or sumptuary expenses, alien to the policies of ONLY and to a healthy administration.

Article 8: The Employees of ONLY shall refrain from campaigning or propaganda of a political nature or proselytizing in the workplace.

Article 9: The ONLY employees are in the duty to supply any information that ONLY requires for the purpose of giving strict compliance to the legal provisions that require it.






Article 10: The culture of our company is focused on customers, on the satisfaction of their expectations, through high levels of service and quality, according to the following principles:

  • We know the insurance and surety market in general, as well as the laws and risks involved in our activity.
  • We earn the trust of our clients because we are honest and understand their protection needs and we provide expert advice, always to their benefit.
  • Our business partners support us in providing added value to our clients.
  • We handle the sensitive information of our clients with due care, our privacy notice clearly communicates your treatment.




Article 11: At the moment of selecting our service providers, we will always look for the best, that compete in quality, price and after-sales service.

Article 12: Our suppliers share our ethical principles and values ​​and put them into practice in their relationships with ONLY and their clients.

Article 13: We do not accept gifts or prebends from our suppliers, who intend to influence or compromise us in any way.





Article 14: All ONLY employees are responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules of conduct described in this code. Non-compliance with this rule will be sanctioned according to the seriousness of the fault, from verbal or written reprimands until the dismissal. The qualification of a fault as serious shall correspond to the Board of Directors. In the case of verbal or written warnings, an express record must be included in your personnel file.


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