Suspect Arrested for Deadly Drunk Driving Accident


Tragedy struck Liberty Hill on April 22, 2015 when drunk driving suspect John Alvarado rear-ended a car with his pickup truck, killing two children. Koby Draper, 15, and Kirsten Draper, 9, were pronounced dead at the scene. Crystal Draper, the children’s mother, and her surviving two children, Kody and Kristopher Draper, were hospitalized and are in critical condition as of April 27, 2015.

The accident took place along US 183 near Liberty Hill around 8:45 pm Alvarado rear-ended the car as it was attempting to left onto Saratoga Springs Drive.

Alvarado is facing two counts of intoxication manslaughter as well as driving with an invalid license. The drunk driving suspect is no stranger to bad behavior. Williamson County Jail records reveal that Alvarado has been charged with DWI in Williamson County in 2008 and in 2009. He was also charged with public intoxication in 1987.

This sobering story shows how dangerous drinking and driving is. To avoid this type of behavior that can lead to fatal consequences, always make sure you have a designated driver plan in place or the phone number of a Williamson County cab service.

If you or a friend needs a ride, just give a taxi company a call:

If you or a friend needs a ride, just give a taxi company a call:

  • Ace Taxi (Toll Free) – (888) 582-8646
  • North Austin- (512) 244-1133
  • Round Rock- (512) 244-1133
  • Georgetown- (512) 930-9800

Keep in mind that a DWI for a first time offender can result in a fine up to $ 2,000 and up to 6 months in the Williamson County jail. A moment of bad judgment should not cost you personal freedom or someone’s life.

If you loved one, you have been arrested for driving under the influence, we may be able to help. We can recommend good attorneys and help you navigate the justice system. If you’re in need of a bail bondsman to get out of the Williamson County Jail, give us a call. Our agents focus on providing clear, concise, and friendly assistance to all of our clients. Call us for more information.

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